Carolina APBT Owners Association


Phone: Jack and Paula (843)709-2354

Carolina APBT Owners Association

P.O. B ox 1216

Ladson, South Carolina 29456-1215




The misguided public’s perception and antiquated stereotyping of the American Pit Bull Terrier must be exposed for what it really is…  a myth. Those responsible cannot be allowed to perpetuate these myths unchallenged. Public perception will only be changed through public education. Our Club is dedicated to the preservation of the American Pit Bull Terrier. One way we accomplish this is by hosting ADBA sanctioned and non-sanctioned conformation shows and weight pulls thereby educating the public to the truth about the A.P.B.T. and promoting the positive aspects of the breed. Our Club supports the traditional relationship of dog ownership, not guardianship and is against any form of Breed Specific Legislation.


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